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Our People

This page provides information on our community members. You can also click to find more information on our history, location and maps, and band organization.

Xwísten (pronounced hoist–in) is part of the St’át’imc Nation.

There are eleven St’át’imc communities of the St’át’imc Nation; Cáclep (Fountain), Ts̓k̓wáylacw (Pavilion), N’Quatqua (Anderson Lake), Samahquam, Lil’wat (Mt.Currie), Xa’xtsa7 (Douglas), T’it’q’et (Lillooet), Sek̓wel̓wás (Cayoose Creek), Tsal̓álh (Seton Lake), and Skatin.

The Bridge River Indian Band is affiliated with the Lillooet Tribal Council and the St’át’imc Chiefs Council.

Our population

Xwísten has about 440 registered members, up 75 from the year 2000 when we had 365 members. Periodically we predict how fast we will grow in order to plan for housing and other services. The chart below gives us a rough idea of how fast we will grow, given our growth rate from the past 13 years.


Where we live

chart-onoffpop2A little over one-third of our members live in our community (IR-1, IR-1A and IR-2) (see maps), with the remaining two-thirds living off-reserve or on the reserves of other First Nations. This has been changing rapidly – back in 2000 it was about 50%/50%. Many Xwísten members that live off-reserve or on other reserves would like to come home if there were good jobs available.



With a median age of 30, our population is relatively young compared to the provincial population with a median age of 41.

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