Lands and Resources

The Lands and Resources department is responsible for managing our reserves, our territory and our resources like water, timber, and salmon. This is a very broad job, and includes:

Fisheries management

Working to improve our fish stocks, coordinating with other levels of government on fisheries management.


Protection of wildlife from the adverse effects of resource use projects in the territory, like logging, mining and the infrastructure needed to support them, roads and waste areas.

Economic use of lands

Our lands are our assets, and we can use them to generate income. We look for ways to allow Xwísten members to benefit economically from the land (like from agriculture) and we make sure that Xwísten is fairly compensated when companies want to build roads on our land, use our water, or cut down our trees.

Land Use Planning and management

Determining where housing, agricultural, industrial development and other land uses should occur is part of our job. We also work with our neighbours to makes sure that our land uses are in sync.

Culture and heritage

Ensuring that our culture and heritage is protected.

Emergency planning

Our department develops emergency plans, including plans for forest fires, floods, and earthquakes. We are working hard to make sure that Xwísten members are aware of these plans.