Social Development

Our Social Development Department runs or administers a number of services to help our members stay involved in the community, maintain a safe home environment, and support themselves and their families.

Our programs are always evolving to meet our community’s needs, but a few of our current services include:

  • Income assistance: Income Assistance is provided for on-reserve members only. Recipients have access to certain funding within the program as long as they are in need of “welfare”
  • Training and employment skills programs (in conjunction with the education department)
  • Employment and Training expenses (e.g. training fees and gear)
  • Family Violence: supports members in creating a safe home environment
  • Administration of the National Child Benefit Program
  • Work with the Education and Health departments to put on workshops
  • Work with Lillooet’s Ministry of Children and Families
  • Elders Services: Adult in Home Care Program which looks after our Elders and their needs
  • Elders Programs: supports our elders with socializing, being active, and attending workshops

Most programs require you to get approval before funding will be provided. To get approval, please submit a written “letter of intent” to the Social Development office.  Please contact us if you would like assistance or guidance on writing a letter of intent.

Your letter of intent will be reviewed based on the policies for each program (if applicable). We will contact you once it is approved.