Location and Maps

Xwísten looks after St’át’imc lands and resources, as they are the basis for our way of life, and our legacy to pass on to our children.

Our Lands

Xwísten is located at the important confluence of the Bridge River and the Fraser River in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. The Xwísten community is located 9 kilometers northwest of the town Lillooet.  Our traditional territories includes the entire watersheds of the Yalakom and Bridge Rivers between Mission Ridge on one side and Blackhills Creek and along Camelsfoot Range on the other.

We have three reserves:

  • IR1 – 3,932 hectares (9712 acres). IR-1 is our main reserve. It is made up of benchlands and steep slopes rising from an elevation of about 200 meters (700 feet) to about 1000 meters (3,500 feet).
  • IR1A – 860 hectares (2,124 acres) (this is a jointly administered reserve)
  • IR2 – 56.7 hectares (140 acres)