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How can we help you?

Bridge River Education offers services in Early Childhood Education, K5 to grade 12, Post-Secondary, Occupational Skills Training/Trades Training. Our purpose is to help all students – on and off reserve, from preschool to post-secondary to adults – to reach their educational and learning goals.

If you have any questions about any of our programs or if you would like to discuss your educational pursuits (or your children’s) please feel free to contact the Education Department.

Early Childhood Education

This program is being redeveloped to be holistic in nature and offers:

K5-12 Education

Funding for these programs is Federal but supported by Provincial Grants. We offer support, assistance and advocacy for:

  • Educational Counselling Services
  • Liaison Services between the Provincial schools, if needed
  • After School Bridge River Brains Club (tutoring, extra educational assistance and year end trips)
  • Parental advocacy and/or support at the schools, if needed
  • Assistance with Post-Secondary applications
  • Online Career Cruising website
  • Funding for required supplies and tuition costs for students

Post-Secondary (Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees)

The funding for these programs comes from the Federal government and from Xwísten. We support:

  • Post Secondary Education Program
  • Educational counselling
  • Trades programs
  • Working with other departments to delivery courses and programs

Funding is provided by Xwísten for short term classes and employment certifications, as well as job search training.

In order for students to begin a life of independence we encourage all Grade 12 students to come in and talk to the Education Coordinator about their plans and to pick up their application.   Those living outside of the Lillooet area can call this office and speak  or email us a phone number where you can be reached.